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You guys had it so lucky in the 60s. All these recording techniques that had never been tried before, the Civil Rights movement was coming to a head, the Vietnam War. The whole world was changing… There was so much to sing about. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Jack White to Bob Dylan. White recently told Dan Rather about his conversation with the 60s music legend.
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Jill and Sean discuss the Marvin Gaye - Pharrell - Robin Thicke lawsuit

  • Sean McPherson:In a deposition, Robin Thicke just confessed that he was basically on a big Vicodin-alcohol-fueled mission all through 2013 and couldn't have written "Blurred Lines."
  • Jill Riley:He was on a huge binge, so when he went into the studio he had nothing to contribute—although in interviews, Robin Thicke pretty much took credit for the song and said, "Hey, I told Pharrell that I wanted this Marvin Gaye groove, and then they went with it and then we made this song together." Now he's saying that he had nothing to do with it because he was too drunk and too far gone on prescription meds. The question is now, is he just throwing Pharrell under the bus because he thinks that he's not going to win this court case against Marvin Gaye's estate?
  • Sean McPherson:That's possible. Or a possibility is that there's just so much legal scrutiny here that they have to be more honest about the songwriting process than is usually required of the big star and the actual producer.
  • Jill Riley:Eh, I guess if you're doing a promotional interview, you can can pretty much say whatever the heck you want.
  • Sean McPherson:I know I do.
  • Jill Riley [to listeners]:Everything you know about Heiruspecs is a lie.
  • Sean McPherson:That's true.
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Jim McGuinn, the Current’s program director, tells a local news program about the time the Replacements’ Bob Stinson raided his college freezer for a jacketful of frozen steaks.

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